Maybe one letter is for you

Portuguese Edition

During the beginning of the pandemic, I had to confront myself to deal with my anxiety, fears and traumas. From this experience, my first book was born, available only in Portuguese at moment.
The English version will be released soon on Amazon.

In the book “Maybe one letter is for you”, Aline decided to undress to rebuild her “I” after countless pains experienced.
In this context, the book brings reflections and teachings for the reader to rethink his own life and glimpse a plurality of new beginnings.
Knowing yourself deeply can bring complex traumas to be overcome. However, it is a
necessary process.
The author immerses herself in self-knowledge when she opens “Pandora’s box” to face her ghosts. In addition to exposing himself, he performs an emotional cleansing and deals with their traumas differently: he writes to them.
The themes covered in the letters are common and deal mainly with relationships and inner fears that we carry without realizing them.
The reader has the opportunity to review their concepts concerning people who have gone through their life, re-evaluating new paths. The book makes you feel involved in waiting for a letter and, simultaneously, eager to see the outcome of this emotional cleaning.

Are you curious?
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Portuguese edition.